Publishers Weekly Review

Nayagan provides hope on many levels for individuals left cold by traditional Churches

Nayagan’s first work is a complex account of his journey through traditional religious doctrines into Christian mysticism.

He explores Christian mysteries while pursuing an intimate relationship with God. Nayagan provides hope on many levels for individuals left cold by traditional Churches, emphasizes journeying through different levels of self-awareness to find true spiritual achievement.

Though this book initially described as giving alternatives for readers frustrated with current teachings of the Church, it carries more weight as a higher-level guide for those already familiar with the fundamentals of Christian mysticism. Nayagan combines science-based metaphor (“We are split and entangled particles of God in the awesome field of God’s conscious energy”) with Eastern theologies (“Detachment from desire is an important spiritual ideal in many faiths . . . We must detach from everything except for God”) to support the concept of transformation of consciousness as a spiritual quest. He provides ample mystical techniques to provoke meaningful self-exploration. Individuals well-read in alternatives to traditional religious teachings will find Nayagan’s work fascinating, but it is bit too convoluted for readers in the beginning stages of unorthodox spiritual exploration. His journey is vast and at times overwhelming, even as it describes an intimate and personal theology.

Nayagan uses historical examples and biblical citations to illustrate principles of Christian mysticism. Readers may wish for additional examples of his relevant personal experiences to make high-level concepts more tangible. Those looking for an advanced framework for personal journeys into Christian mysticism will appreciate this comprehensive overview of several stepping stones to spiritual growth, presented in a way that encourages constant movement toward self-actualization and closeness with the divine.